The New Caledon Events Calendar

Events throughout the Steamlands and Realm of the Roses via the Aether Chrononauts calendar

Regular Events

Oxbridge Classes

In addition to the walk-through tutorial for newcomers to Second Life, Oxbridge offers weekly classes on building, scripting, role-playing, and more!

Caledon Nights

Regular themed dances and seasonal live performances!

Movie Nights at the Goblin Cave

Dame Cynthia Farshore, Duchess of Caledon Downs, regularly hosts events in the multi-level Goblin Cave, including movie screenings, games, & dance parties. (Image from SLNewser.)

Golden Dragon Ballroom/

Rain Estate Events

In addition to hosting the yearly Founder's Day Ball, Lady Nyree Rain also hosts bi-weekly seasonally-themed dances and parties.

Yearly Events

Caledon Anniversary Events

A week of parties, celebrating Caledon's birthday!

Mardi Gras!

Braving the simlines for a nation-wide march!

Rose Hunt

A tradition for over 16 years! Hunt throughout the Caledon countryside for roses, designed by residents.