Tolerans, Civilis, Innovus, Laganum

(Tolerance, Civility, Innovation, Cake!)

...and a little bewm, bustles, brass, buckles, bulkheads, beakers, bolts, and badassery along the way!

Who we are

Who makes up Caledon? Where to go when you need help?


Desmond Shang

Owner and Founder of Caledon


Kamilah Hauptmann

Queen Catgirl, Head Janitor, and Wielder of the Most Monstrous Banhammer

Chancellor of Caledon Oxbridge University

Wordsmith Jarvinen and Carl Metropolitan (emeritus)

Master Cat Herders and Purveyors of Knowledge. Big Bosses behind Oxbridge. Chancellor Jarvinen's pic from Science Circle. Chancellor Metropolitan's from Designing Worlds.

Global Estate Managers

Kamilah Hauptmann

Mari Moonbeam

Victorian Magic

Jorge Serapis

Aeval Fae

Assistant Janitors,

Guv'nah's Personal Minion Team, Special Abilities throughout Caledon

Regional Estate Managers

Too Many to List Here

Assistant Janitors and Guv'nah Helpers over specific regions in Caledon.

Oxbridge Deans, Professors, and Tutors

Too many to List Here

Teachers and Helpers Extraordinaire, Upkeepers of the Tutorial @ Oxbridge, and Newbie Welcoming Team


"Titled" Gentry

Peerage is generally bestowed upon 1) those individuals with more than 1/4 full region worth of land space (or a "duchy"), 2) Caledonians who have gone above and beyond in service to the realm, or 3) those who give themselves a title and "sheer temerity who shows up and really plays the part." They may have estate rights on small parts of the nation but usually it's just a title. Most can invite to the ISC group.


Residents and Friends of Caledon

Everyone in the resident's group (Independent State of Caledon) is considered a Caledon Aristocrat, whether they have land or not.