Caledon SL Events


The original Caledon region (known by residents as "Prime") dropped onto the Second Life grid on Feb 26, 2006. Shortly after the grand opening gala on April 1st of that year, the new Victorian steampunk community began rapidly growing due to massive interest.

At its peak, the virtual nation of Caledon consisted of 51 regions, qualifying it as a small Second Life continent. Though it may be smaller today, there is still a tight-knit active community which includes Caledon Oxbridge University, the starting point of many a Second Life resident over the years.

More about Caledon's history can be found here.

Caledon's "Guv'nah" Makes a Parade Appearance as a Balloon

Caledon Sleeps

Tiny Gunbunnies to the Rescue!

Caledon the Musical

Part of the 2008 Relay for Life Fundraising Campaign